Need To Forgive

Dear Heavenly Father,

You reached out to me with kindness and forgiveness before I every gave You the time of day.  You offered me forgiveness for my sins before I was even willing to admit to them.  You loved me while I was unlovable and treated me with compassion.  You gave me mercy that I did not deserve.

Now I need to forgive someone else.  I admit that I am struggling to do that.  I know it is the right thing to do, but the hurt and anger of what this person has done is too great for me.

So, I ask for your help.  I realize that this is a choice to act with compassion toward this person who doesn’t deserve it—much like You were toward me.  Help me to forgive as you have forgiven me.  My sin was forgiven by You, so I declare with my mouth and heart to forgive ____________.  Even though ____________ may never change or apologize or even have a clue how deeply they hurt me, I forgive him/her. 

In Jesus’ Name,