Want To Grow

Dear Heavenly Father,

You desire for us to grow and mature in You.  The process of becoming Christ-like lasts a lifetime.  I feel like I’m not very far on that journey.  I confess that I am tossed back and forth with the waves of my circumstances.  I’m up and down emotionally and spiritually.  I get easily frustrated and short-tempered, jealous, and competitive.  I want to change. 

I am willing and ready to submit to Your will for my life and to commit myself to learning more about You through Your Word.  I do that right now.  I say, “Yes” to You, Lord.  I open every area of my life to You—my relationships, my thought life, my entertainment choices, my attitudes, and all of my conversations.  I submit to Your Word and desire to treasure Your words in my heart, so that I might not sin against You.

Thank You that You are faithful to not only forgive me from my sins, but empower me to grow into the person that You want me to be—mature, complete, lacking in nothing.    

In Jesus’ Name,