Need Job

Heavenly Father,

I am willing and ready to work.  It is harder for me not to work than to work.  I am willing to work even in a lesser job than what I have had in the past and accept it in humility, because I trust that you will help me find pride in whatever I put my hand to.

I ask that you help me find the job that matches my abilities and training, covers my financial obligations, and gives me an opportunity to shine.  I pray that you would bring my name to the mind of friends or former colleagues who know of job opportunities that are right for me.

I pray that you would open doors for me as I seek a position. I ask you for determination to keep turning in applications with confidence and enthusiasm that provides me a chance to interview with an employer.  Give me special creativity and favor in finding the right employment situation.  If there are special areas of service I can perform during this time of unemployment, I thank You for putting me to good use.  I know there will be blessings within the tasks I perform.

I trust You to meet all my needs and thank You that You are working on my behalf to find the right job.

In Jesus’ mighty name,