Favor At Work

Good and Gracious God,

I would like to have favor with my boss, and am feeling as though my boss doesn’t care for or even notice me.  I feel as though I have given a good effort and do my job well.  I feel as though I am respectful to colleagues, customers, and my boss.  I need Your help in this situation.

Will you please help me to evaluate myself honestly to confirm that I am doing a job with a good attitude and with good results?  Would You search my heart for any disrespect and anger toward authorities in general, and especially with this boss in particular?  If there is any grievance in my heart that is showing up in ways that I’m not even aware of, please reveal that to me and change my heart.

If this boss and situation isn’t going to change for the foreseeable future, help me to use this time wisely to grow in my self-confidence and to learn the important work and life lesson of acting with grace under fire and adversity.  I pray that this will not hold me back in my work and career but help me to move forward and grow.  I know that You are able to take negative situations and turn them into something for good on my behalf.

I also know that when I submit to my boss, I am doing it out of submission to You, Lord.  So, I submit to Your authority.

In Jesus’ Name,