Too Much To Get Done

Dear Father,

I have too much to get done at work, and am feeling completely overwhelmed.  Can you help me?  I feel as though the lists are insurmountable.  Is it me or is it that there is too much being asked of me?  Do I need to learn to say no to things?  Will you show me how this job and my weaknesses affect my relationships outside of work? 

God, will you help me to prioritize?  Will you please show me some things that I should say no to?  Will you show me things on my lists that I should hand-off that can be done by someone else?  Would you clear away the confusion that might be causing me to miss something that is holding me back? 

I ask that You help me to do what I can’t do in my own strength.  I pray that this moment of prayer would be the start of a change in my attitudes, mind-sets, and behaviors when it comes to work.  I pray that I would enjoy the benefits and blessing of productivity today and gain momentum toward a new way of doing things.

You tell us not to grumble and complain about life and work, so I ask that You forgive me for any attitudes and choices that have created this situation.  I pray for strength and wisdom to dig myself out of this rut and onto a new level path of living.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to work and serve to make a living—and bring honor to Your name.  I work for You. 

In Jesus’ Name,